He spent a lot of years in Bogusky’s shadow
But now he’s more famous than Donny Deutsch’s speedo
Rockin’ that Napoleon Dynamite look
I used to think I loved him ‘til he shat upon my book

Andrew Keller Andrew Keller, Andrew Keller
Andrew Keller Andrew Keller, Andrew Keller
Andrew Keller Andrew Keller, oh oh oh Andrew Keller
B-b-b-bite me Andrew Keller!

Now Rob Reilly spends all his time on Twitter
And Chuck Porter’s in Miami eatin’ apple fritters
Ari Merkin’s back and that don’t suck
But do you know what a merkin is?
F-er look it up!

Self Promotion

Digital Video

This was my entry into the Big Ad Gig, an annual competition to win a 30-day freelance job in NYC. To enter that year, you had to create a 60-second video around one of the 5-second clips provided by the judges. Andrew Keller’s showed him waking from a nightmare, so I created what all men fear—a really angry woman.

You should know that there’s no truth to it. I’ve freelanced for Andrew and he’s one of the nicest guys around. That’s why it’s funny. And I was banking on the sensationalism of what appears to be a giant “F-You” to one of the biggest CDs in the industry. Sadly, things have changed so much since then that many of the young ‘uns won’t get all the references. But I’ve kept it here because it’s not every day I get to wear aluminum foil as a dress.

PS: If you don’t know what a merkin is, I’ll save you the Google search. It’s an 18th-century pubic wig. I highly doubt they came in neon colors.

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Director: Barth Tillotson
Music: Nick Seely, Breed Music
Editor: Andy McGee, Red Car, Dallas