I built these “Bahdirandak Chairs” years ago. Then one day, a woman from out of town rang my doorbell and asked to buy them. I told her she couldn’t have the originals, but I’d make her a new set for $1500 on three conditions:

1. She tell her friends she bought them from a fabulous new folk artist in Dallas

2. She say she paid twice what she did

3. She tell them I’m crazy as a loon. (Because everyone wants to buy art from crazy people.)

She instantly agreed.

This lounge chair is covered in rock moss with a cushion of molded clay. It was just for ambiance—only a squirrel could sit on it—but sadly, it didn’t stand the test of time. The weight of the clay eventually made the wooden frame collapse.

After seeing pom-pom topiaries all over San Francisco, I knew I had to have one. Except instead of spheres, I trimmed mine into hats. I redecorate them regularly to reflect the changing seasons. People often stop to take photos.